Adresse: Hofmarkstr. 3, 82140 Olching/Neu-Esting

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Companies around
In the area are many midsized companies spread from
Olching, Geiselbullach, Groebenzell, Dachau, Maisach
to Fuerstenfeldbruck and Augsburg

Ideal for Walking, Jogging, bicycle driving, golf courts,
pool, sauna, soccer courts and more
Within several minutes by car, many lakes for swimming,
barbecue in summer and relaxing accessible.
The Ammersee is easily reachable by car and offers all amenities of a large lake in the environment of Munich, such as
swimming, rowing, walking, jogging, taking boat journeys
or enjoying beer gardens.

All opportunities for shopping are some steps away: Supermarket, restaurant, cafe, pharmacia, doctors, baker, etc.


 Distances, Travel Times
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App 7 by foot by car by public
destination     transport.
S-Bahn S3 8 min (500m)    
Bus 835 4 min    
Central station     34 min
Muc Airport     77 min
Munich fair     61 min
Allianz Arena     65 min
Marienplatz (Center)     37 min
Munich Pasing     21 min
Olching, Gulf 35 min (2,9km) 7 min (4,3 km) 21 min
central station
    < 60 min
Frankfurter Ring/BMW
  22 min (22 km)  
Multipark, Amazon Logistikzentrum
35 min (2,9km) 5 min. (2,9 km)  14 min